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The Drabblecast ~ #226 ~ The Heroics of Interior Design, by Elise R. Hopkins

Episode Art By Skeet Scienski

This week we are saved by the powers of The Drabblecast as we capture episode 226, “The Heroics of Interior Design”, by Elise R. Hopkins. Things look pretty good this week all around. First up with the drabble, “Imaginary Runner” by Tesseract McCrea, a great short short that reminds me that sometimes imaginary friends aren’t so imaginary. The feature story, “The Heroics of Interior Design” by Elise R. Hopkins, in which we discover that every once in a while we want to stand out and be remembered for the things we’ve done. And when that desire is never fulfilled and we are left wanting any sort of attention we act out against the grain of the world to embed our mark on our own merits. That’s something to think about, is it necessary to take action into your own hands and leave your mark, or is it best to earn the respect and build a reputation that may someday become your legacy. I give this episode, 3 out of 5 starts in alignment.

I know I say it a lot, but I really liked this one. The Drabblecast is an efficient machine that may have its glitches every once in a while, but for the most part do a great job of pressing out fine audio fiction on a semi-regular basis. Cheers to Norm and Bo Kaier, and the rest of the denizens of Drabblecast land. Check them all out and drop them a donation if you like the work they do.

Oh and before I forget I jumped by Norm’s kickstarter page to check out the results and it looks like he surpassed his goal. Hang tight for some awesome tunes crawling your way soon!