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Lovecraft eZine Issue #8 for November

Cover art by Jethro Lentle

Happy Thanksgiving to me! I was thankful this year for receiving an impressive issue of The Lovecraft eZine #8. One story after the next of compelling Lovecraftian tales that made my day when I got home after a day of glutinous gorging and family togetherness. Had my fill of both but what I needed to cap of the holiday were some creepy tales.

 First I want to say great art work this issue by the likes of  Leslie H., Stjepan Lukac, Mike Dominic, Nickolas Gucker, and our pal Steve Santiago (Who is responsible for how awesome this site is.) Second, don’t forget to help these guys out and throw them some donations to continue bringing great stories, artwork, and other goodies your way.

As much as I would love to critique each of these awesome stories, I think it would take too long and I might go off on a tangent, and those can be disastrous, like this one time I as at work and this guy walked up and asks, “Hey, I was curious about your tail… oops. Anyway like I was saying, this month we are lucky to have five great stories, and they are: “Desert Mystery! Gas & Go!” by Ann K. Schwader, “The Tunnel Inside the Mountain” by A.J. French, “#Dreaming” by William Meikle, “What Dances in Shadow” by Derek Ferreora, “The Time Eaters” by Adam Bolivar.  Each one was a great read!

I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and as I look back, a big part of my enjoyment was born from reading these tales. Mike Davis is doing great things for the Lovecraftian community, and by making the Zine so available to everyone, he is helping to ensure a future of creepiness, and creative fiction.

 Lovecraft eZine issue #8 for November gets a loaded 5 out of 5 stars in alignment. Cheers!

Octopus Leaves Water and Walks on Land

There is something completely creepy about the idea of octopuses walking on land, well at least for me its creepy. Though it’s not uncommon to see an ocotpus outside of water for a little bit, especially for captive ones that have been known to escape and turn up in the least expected places. It is, however, rare to catch the act on film. I’m not sure exactly why this one leaves the water and seems to follow the people, but I did see that it left behind a dead crab. Maybe the octopi was protesting pollution, and decided to throw his garbage on our turf.

Maybe its all the Lovecraft reading but things that live in the ocean should stay there. I’d feel more comfortable thank you.

Black Seas of Infinity: The Best of H.P. Lovecraft

Black Seas of Infinity: The Best of H.P. LovecraftBlack Seas of Infinity: The Best of H.P. Lovecraft by H.P. Lovecraft

My rating: 5 of 5 stars in alignment

A great collection of Lovecraft stories! This was the first anthology I purchased of H.P.L.’s fiction and after reading a few of the stories previously I was very happy at the selection and order in which the stories are laid out. With essentials like “The Call of Cthulhu”, “Dagon” to name a few, anyone just getting into Lovecraft would be lucky to have this in their untrimmed claws.

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The Drabblecast ~ #223 ~ Bearing Fruit, by Nikki Alfar

Art by, Alyssa Suzumura

It has been a couple weeks, but it’s here people, The Drabblecast episode #223 has arrived. I was a little weary last week without my usual dose of audio fiction but I made it through and was really excited for this one. If you have noticed a little lag time in-between episodes lately it’s probably because, Norm Sherman, the conductor of the crazy train, has been busy trying to put together a new album. That’s right, all those little jingles, and bbardles you hear from time to time are usually written and performed by Norm himself. If you don’t have his self titled first album, you should swim on over to www.cdbaby.com and check it out or just click here. Norm’s second album, “The Esoteric Order of Sherman” is currently being put together with the help of Kickstart.com. Hop on over to Norm’s site to make this baby happen.

On to this week’s episode! After the little bumper about Norm’s project we dive into a witty little drabble, by Ben Parker entitled “Déjà vu”. Then it’s right into the main feature, “Bearing Fruit” by Nikki Alfar. As usual I had to give this one a couple listens, but in the end I still am not sure how I feel about this one. From what I got, it was a coming of age tale, relatable to a newly knocked up teenager, and a fresh twist on a virgin birth. I got that from the line:

“One day you’re a wide-eyed virgin, with nary a care in the world; the next, you find yourself most unexpectedly and all but inexplicably burdened in a manner that afflicts virgins only once every two thousand years or so, to the best of your understanding”

Although I may not be able to put my finger on this one, I do like the story. It’s silly, and awkward which I think makes for an excellent tale.

Voicing this baby is the voice-over queen, Kimi Alexander, giving yet another great performance. The twabble this week blew my socks off:

“I thought I could hold it, but when I reached the bathroom it was too late; the baby alligator’d already slipped my hands.” – Travelin Corpse Feet

Hehe, good one folks. Well that’s all I’ve got for this week’s episode. Until then Check out Norm’s music project, and donate to help keep the weirdness coming. Unspeakable Gibberer gives this one 3.5 stars out of 5 in alignment.


Russian Woman Keeps Alien in Refrigerator for Two Years

Marta Yegorovnam, a Russian woman living in the city of Petrozavodsk, has been keeping a secret for the last two years. For the last couple of years, Mrs. Yegorovnam has been keeping the body of a small “alien” in her fridge. This is the third alien body sighting in Russia in the past few months.

Marta reportedly retrieved the small ichthyic  shaped body from a UFO crash near her summer-house in ’09. She heard the crash happen and then approached the flaming wreckage. The found the dead body of the creature and decided to pick it up and package it up in plastic and preserve it in her Refrigerator.

The “alien” is two feet long and has large head. Its appearance is something that reminds me of a baby Jaba the Hut, but it mostly looks vegetable.

Of course this looks like a hoax, and it sounds like one as well, but what if it was true? I’m only passing along information that I have collected from a few of the sites I found this story on. There isn’t much news on this which feeds both speculations that its true and being covered up, or widely accepted as a hoax and already old news. Your choice.

N., by Stephen King


Stephen King has always openly stated that H.P. Lovecraft was/is one of his biggest influences on his writing, and through a few stories that is easy to point out. Recently I read a post that Mike over at the Lovecraft eZine had put up about one of King’s more recent Lovecraftian stories, N. Appearing in Just After Sunset: Stories in 2008, N., is a story that pays homage to both Lovecraft and Arthur Machen.

In Mikes post about N., he shares a string of 25 videos that tell the story of N. in comic book form. Thanks to some of the artists at Marvel.com, we have been blessed with visual take on the horror of patient N. I have the trailer posted here, but for an entire list of all 25 episodes check out the Lovecraft eZine’s post here.

H.P.Podcraft.com – Episode #96 – Winged Death, with Hazel Heald

Hey Kids are you ready for your weekly H.P. Lovecraft fix? Well This week we get what might possibly be the last episode for a few weeks, as Chris Lackey will be off for a few weeks with his newborn son (When he gets here). Until then we will have time to enjoy and talk about this weeks story, Winged Death, by Mr. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald.

Not one of H.P.L’s most well known stories, Winged Death, takes readers to place that Lovecraft has yet to visit, Africa. With a mix of the usual occult ramblings about the Cthulhu Mythos, Lovecraft brings in his smallest adversary, a fly with ancient soul swapping magic. You’ll have to read this one to get it folks, but I have to say its worth it. I liked this one, and I believe that Lovecraft has hit a stage where almost every story he puts out, collaboration or no, is amazingly different and gets one thinking.

Reader this for this weeks episode is J.P. Moore. J.P. is the author of the hit podcast novel “Toothless“, and the highly anticipated “The Old God“. Check out him and his work at jpmooreonline.com. Unspeakable Gibberer is giving this one 3 1/2 stars in alignment out of 5. Cheers!